Case has happy ending

Devicewear’s rotating case is a bit bulky, but it’s handy if you do a lot of reading on your iPad.

An A-plus for Devicewear and Amazon

By Harold Glicken

The hunt for a case for my new iPad 2017 wasn’t difficult. I had a Devicewear Ridge model for my older iPad and was happy with it. But since I do a lot of reading on my iPad, I wanted the model that rotates into a vertical position.

Devicewear makes such a case, and when I saw it on Amazon for $30, with free shipping, I clicked on the “place your order” button, without realizing that the case was sold and shipped directly by Devicewear.

Amazon has several ways of buying: “ships and sold by Amazon,” “fulfilled by Amazon” and “ships and sold by (the merchant, but not by Amazon).”

“Ships and sold by Amazon” is the best way to buy, since it includes Amazon’s easy return policy. If the item is defective, Amazon will replace it or offer a refund. In most cases – except when a buyer simply changes his mind – Amazon will send a return shipping label, and in some cases, it will dispatch a UPS driver to pick up the item.

“Sold by (merchant), Fulfilled by Amazon” is a bit trickier. In some instances you’ll have to deal with the seller directly, but for the most part, Amazon will authorize a free return if the item “isn’t as advertised” or defective. I’ve never had a problem returning an item to Amazon, even though it’s only fulfilled by them.

The last method, “ships and sold (by the seller),” is much trickier. If an item is defective or not as advertised, the buyer has to deal directly with the seller. Amazon comes into the picture only if a buyer isn’t satisfied with the seller’s response.

Enter my new Devicewear rotating iPad 2017 case. The cover didn’t close all the way, which meant that the sleep function didn’t work. Closing the cover should do the same thing as manually putting the iPad into sleep mode by pressing the power button. But it didn’t.

So, I went to Devicewear’s website, stated my case in a “contact us” form and within 24 hours I got a response by email. They wanted a picture of the case that didn’t close and my Amazon order number. Within another 24 hours Devicewear offered to replace the case (after testing it to make certain it closed all the way). Wary of the rotating case, because of its bulk, I asked for another model. Which arrived a few days later.

Now it’s true that buying directly from Amazon would have been less of a hassle, but solving my predicament directly with the seller was a relatively positive experience.

The new case works as advertised. It closes all the way and puts my iPad into sleep mode when I close the cover and wakes it up when I reopen the cover. Unlike the rotating case, it’s slim and sleek. It gets 4.5 stars from more than 5,300 buyers on Amazon.

I’ve praised and savaged companies’ support in past columns and meted out grades. Devicewear, which makes all kinds of cases for different devices, gets a solid A-plus for handling my problem quickly and efficiency. Amazon, by the way, also gets an A-plus for its return policy and free two-day shipping for Prime members.