shouldn't be intimidating. Whether it's computer hardware or software or the latest printer, it should work right out of the box. Two hundred-page manuals shouldn't be necessary to set up a new printer.

I've written about Windows and Mac PCs and the software that runs on those platforms since 1989. That's 28 years of experience with the most difficult programs on Earth. The hardware and software I review is easy to set up, requires few, if any, calls to tech support (I review tech support, too!).

My Helpware column is syndicated by Tribune News Service, which distributes the column to more than 600 publications and

other outlets world-wide.

Each week I'll post a new column on this website, in case you missed it in other places. And I'll keep adding previous reviews of everything from the latest smart-home device to the best way to run Windows on a Mac.

When I find software or devices I like, I buy them.

My reviews pull no punches. They're honest, objective and geared for people who might be frightened by technology. Have no fear, your best best is here, on this website.

-- Harold Glicken